From Haifa to Jerusalem

25-30 October, 2020

The Israel National Trail (Hebrew: Shvil Yisrael) is a 620 mile (1,009 km.) hiking trail that crosses Israel from South to North.  Beginning in the resort town of Eilat on the Red Sea, it runs north to Dan, near the Lebanese border, linking the extraordinary variety of Israel’s landscapes and its human mosaic.   The trail was blazed through a variety of natural and human landscapes, exposing hikers to Israel's many eco-systems and habitats. National Geographic magazine called it one of the "holy grails of hikes."  

Sunday, 25 October

Meet at West Lagoon Resort hotel- Netanya
Afternoon visit 
Mission Opening Dinner 
Overnight: West Lagoon Resort Netanya 

Monday, 26 October
Length of Section: About 14 km.                                                                               Hiking time:  6 hours

Mt. Carmel                                                                                                                   A symbol of beauty since Biblical times, Mt. Carmel Hills is covered with dense Mediterranean woodland and carpeted with colorful flowers.  Hills and vales, rivers and cliffs make this a live ecological area with magnificent scenic lookouts of northern Israel and the Mediterranean Coast. 

Ein Hod Artists Village                                                                                               Founded in 1953 by a group of artists, Ein Hod is the only artists village in Israel, and one of only a few in the  world. Nestled among olive groves and fruit orchards, the village glides down the green hills of Mount Carmel to the sea.  

Atlit Detention Camp                                                                                                 This National Heritage Site is an educational center about clandestine immigration to the Land of Israel in the pre-state era. 

Overnight: West Lagoon Resort Netanya

Tuesday, 27 October  
Length of section: About 11 km.                                                                                 Time:  6 hours 

Caesarea National Park                                                                                             A tour of the Caesarea National Park is like a walk-through history. A splendid port city built by King Herod toward the end of the first century BCE to honor the Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, Caesarea was the heart of Roman rule in the Land of Israel.  

Ramat Hanadiv                                                                                                           Ramat Hanadiv, on the southern slopes of Mount Carmel, is a living memorial to Baron Edmond de Rothschild, known as the "Founding Father of the Yishuv" (renewed Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel in the modern era).  

Keren Hayesod Project 
Overnight: West Lagoon Resort Netanya

Wednesday, 28 October
Length of Section: About 12 km.                                                                               Hiking time: 7 hours  

The Valley of Elah                                                                                                       The Valley of Elah, best known as the site where David slew the Philistine giant Goliath, derives its name from the shady terebinth (pistachio) trees that still grow in this area.  It is one of the most beautiful contiguous open spaces in Israel.  

Going up to Jerusalem 
Overnight: Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem

Thursday, 29 October
Length of Section: 10 km                                                                                           Time: 6 hours

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem                                                                                       The Mount of Olives, overlooking the Old City, derives its name from the olive trees that grew here in ancient times.  According to the Bible, it is here that the Messiah will arrive.  The Mount of Olives offers a spectacular, panoramic view of Jerusalem.     
Kidron Valley                                                                                                               Ancient tombs dot the Kidron Valley, which separates the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount.  

The City of David                                                                                                       The City of David has divulged some of the most extraordinary archeological finds of the ancient world, spanning thousands of years. Among the most dramatic finds are remains of what is believed to be King David's royal palace and extensive evidence of the massive destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian Empire, and most recently, the Pilgrimage Road, the main thoroughfare for pilgrims going up to the Temple during the Second Temple Period.  

Afternoon in Jerusalem
Evening: Festive closing event 
Overnight: Ramada Hotel, Jerusalem 

Friday, 30 October  
Leave for airport / Tel Aviv







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