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23-28 October 2022

Walk Israel 2022 will celebrate the completion of an incredible undertaking – five years of bringing together global hikers to conquer the entire Israel National Trail in support of the Youth Futures program.

Since 2016, Walk Israel has divided the trail into 5 sections, and Keren Hayesod supporters from around the world meet annually in Israel to complete the trail. Now in the final year of our first cycle, Walk Israel has created an international hiking group dedicated to the people of Israel.

The Israel National Trail (Hebrew: Shvil Yisrael) is a 636 mile (1,025 km.) hiking trail that crosses the entire country from north to south. From Kibbutz Dan, near the Lebanese border, to the resort town of Eilat on the Red Sea, the INT links the extraordinary variety of Israel’s landscapes and human mosaic. The trail blazes through a variety of natural and human landscapes, exposing hikers to Israel's many eco-systems and habitats. National Geographic magazine has listed the INT as one of the 20 most epic trails in the world.

In 2022, Walk Israel will hike the fifth and final portion of the trail before arriving at its finish line in Jerusalem. We will meet this year in Netanya before setting out to conquer the final segment of the trail, which will take them through Mt. Carmel, Caesarea National Park and the Valley of Elah. As we arrive in Jerusalem, we will take our final steps up the Mount of Olives for a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Walk Israel hikers are united in their shared dedication to helping the people of Israel. Participants raise funds in support of Youth Futures, a national program helping Israeli children at-risk and their families. Each year, Youth Futures helps more than 12,000 children and their families to build a better future for themselves.

Walk Israel offers four levels of hiking: beginner, intermediate and advance. Hikers of all skill levels are welcome to join us.

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