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  1. Who will the other participants be?
    Participants will include men and women of all ages from throughout Europe - France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and other countries.   What unites them is their shared love for the Land of Israel and their desire to visit and to get to know the country through a challenging walking experience, along with their support for Keren Hayesod activities to benefit Israelis.

  2. What language will be used on the walk?
    The hike will be conducted in English and French, and an additional language may be added depending on the number of people from other countries who register.

  3. How large will the mission be?
    It will have 120 participants from various countries, divided into three smaller groups.

  4. Will there be different levels of walking?
    The walk is challenging and difficult in certain areas. In any case, there will be one group designed for easier walking, which will be suitable for all healthy and able-bodied people with reasonable walking ability.

  5. Is the mission only for Jews?
    All participants who identify with the State of Israel and the goals of Keren Hayesod are welcome.   

  6. Who will the guides be?
    The guides will be top, licensed tour guides, who speak different languages ​​and are licensed to lead walking groups along the Israel Trail.

  7. Will security guards and paramedics accompany the tour? 
    Each group will be accompanied by a licensed paramedic, an armed security guard and another staff member responsible for helping with carrying things, loading equipment, etc.

  8. What is the standard of the hotels?
    The mission emphasis will be on the experiences participants go through during the day - the hiking, the visits and the events.  The hotels are solely for sleeping purposes and are generally located outside the usual tourist areas. Therefore, they are on a good level - clean, comfortable, secure and pleasant - but not luxurious.  

  9. Will the food be kosher? Will there be food for vegetarians?
    All the food will be kosher, under rabbinic supervision. If particular food (for vegetarians, people with allergies, etc.) is required, it is necessary to advise us in advance.

  10. I have limited walking mobility; can I participate?
    The mission is for those who can walk up to 15 kilometres a day in field conditions that include climbs and descents.
    If this is not suitable for you, we will be happy to host you on another Keren Hayesod mission; please contact your local representative for more information.

  11. I am 75 years old, can I participate?
    The journey is designed for people ages 18-120. The oldest participant in 2016 was 80. All adults are welcome as long as they are healthy, fit and capable of walking up to 15 kilometers a day on a route that includes climbs and descents.    

  12. I want to come with my son 15-year old son - is that possible?
    We can unfortunately not include children on the walk because of the additional responsibilities entailed.

  13. Who are the beneficiaries of the money raised?
    We support Keren Hayesod projects to develop the social infrastructure of the State of Israel; ensure the collective future of the Jewish people; reduce social gaps in Israel; provide assistance to victims of terror and at-risk youth; and support Israel's periphery, primarily the Galilee and the Negev, distressed neighborhoods, development towns and disadvantaged communities.

  14. What project will we be supporting this year?
    This year the support is designated for "Youth Futures" – a unique, nation-wide project that seeks to engender social change for children and teenagers.  Youth Futures was launched in 2006 and operates in 36 communities in all sectors of Israeli society: Jewish (religious / secular / ultra-Orthodox), Arab, Bedouin and Druze), and benefits over 14,000 youngsters each year (primary and middle school age) and their families. The program creates and promotes opportunities for growth and development through a unique and innovative model - the mentor - which is a key element in its success. The mentor serves as a significant adult, leader and role model for the youngsters, providing an ongoing presence, attentiveness and support for the children and their families.  

    Today, there are about 300 mentors throughout the country. After going through a unique training program, they work full-time.  Each one is responsible for 16 children and their families for 3-5 years. In the mornings, they work within the school framework and in the afternoons, they visit homes or lead group activities, to provide support for the children.

    During the mission we will visit a Youth Futures centre.

  15. How can we help?
    Every participant in the Israel Trail mission will be asked to contribute a minimum of €750 to the project.

  16. How can we contribute to the project?
    If you decide not to participate in the Israel Trail mission this year, you can still contribute and support the participants by donating €15 for every kilometer walked. To donate click on this link: Donate now

  17. Is it possible to sponsor the mission? What are the sponsorship\publicity packages offered?
    Definitely.  Please contact us for details of how you can sponsor the mission

  18. What is the route this year?
    This year we will walk the third part (out of five) of the route that leads from the Dead Sea to Jerusalem.  For details about this route, click on this link: Map for 2018 Walk

  19. Do I have to purchase insurance for myself?
    Regular overseas travel insurance is required.  If necessary, it can be extended to include strenuous physical activity.

  20. Is a medical approval required in order to participate?
    Yes. Signed medical approval is required.  For details click on this link: Declaration of Health



Have an enjoyable Walk!
We look forward to your joining us!

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