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Day 1 – Pickup from Tel Aviv / Ben-Gurion Airport                                             

We will spend the day traveling from central Israel on our way to see the beautiful, flowering north of Israel. Drive to the Upper Galilee and check in to the Galilion Hotel.

Day 2 – Our First Day on the Israel National Trail


Our first day on the Israel National Trail will be full of excitement and beautiful views. We’ll set out on the trail from the base of Israel’s famous mountain range, Mount Hermon.


As we head out, we’ll be surrounded with the incredible sights of the region. We’ll see Lebanon, one of Israel’s northern neighbors, and the snowy peaks of Mount Hermon. We’ll also enjoy the region’s magnificent wildlife. The greenery will include Cyclamen flowers, maple trees and squill.


This part of trail includes a special treat for hot days - a water section (it can be avoided, but we highly recommend trying the water portion).


Do not forget that every day of the hike, we will offer 3 levels of difficulty for you to choose from.



Day 3 – Our Journey Through The Golan Heights


We’ll begin the second day of our walk from the Zavitan Stream, the well-known and longest river in the Golan. Israelis love coming here because of the serene nature setting and the water elements that offer plenty of fun and relief during a sunny day.


After enjoying our walk in the sun, we too will make time to enjoy the natural pools and the wonderful waterfalls that appear throughout the hike.



Day 4 – A Walk Through Spiritual Judaism


On our third day, we’ll take on Mount Meron. The mountain has gained popularity in religious circles as many believe that the Messiah will come down from the mountain and travel through nearby Safed on his way to Jerusalem.


Our climb will start at an old Byzantine arch ruin. A little further on, we will find an old, hollow olive tree, which is known as the “Wishing Tree.”


Our trek will situate us in the largest natural forest in Israel. Weather permitting, we’ll be able to see all the way to the Sea of Galilee and the border with Lebanon.


Along the journey, we will pass a rock formation known as the Chair of Eliyahu. Shortly afterwards, we’ll reach our final destination of the day: the burial place of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai, the author of the Book of Zohar, the first Kabbalistic text. His tomb is in close proximity to Safed and add to the region’s association with spiritual Judaism.


Did you know: Rabbi Shiman Bar Yohai’s resting place is the second most visited holy site in Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Jews converge on the site every year for the festival of Lag B’omer.



Day 5 –The Last Day is Perfect for Nahal Amud Nature Reserve


We’ll spend our final day of the Walk exploring the Nahal Amud nature reserve. It was the site of the local wool industry, and Israelis love to hike here because of the beautiful nature along the trail.


Our first break will be on the bridge that oversees the Amud Valley. If you’ve visited the north of Israel before, you’ve likely driven over this bridge. From up high, you’ll see the breathtaking views of the region’s greenery.


When we head back onto the trail, we’ll be rewarded for making it this far as we pass caves that held important discoveries about life during the Stone Age.


Towards the end of our hike, we’ll reach two of the Amud Valley’s biggest monuments. First, we will see an old siphon, which used to take the water from the Sea of Galilee to the nearby wadi using only gravity. The second is the rock formation in the shape of a pillar that gave the valley its name.


Our Walk will finish with a last section that is perfect for exploring Israel’s north while spending final moments with our new friends. Our Walk will finish at the Sea of Galilee.



Day 6 –The Last Day of our journey

Goodbye till next year and transfer to Tel Aviv / Ben Gurion airport

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